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PSC strives to have a major photography presentation by a professional photographer once per year.  Several of these presentations have been by Canon Explorers of Light. However, there are other workshops/seminars that may occur throughout the year. Upcoming workshops will be listed below.

Coming in 2015


Bob Coates"Fine Art Photo-Synthesis"

March 7, 2015


PSC and Panasonic will host Bob Coates, a Panasonic Lumix Luminary, who will present a one-day seminar, entitled Fine Art Photo-Synthesis. The presentation will run from 9 AM to 4 PM at St. John United Methodist Church, located at 3921 Murray Hills Drive, Chattanooga, TN 37416. Bob's presentation will show how to take your images to another level and one way to set yourself apart from other photographers. The cost of the Saturday seminar is $20. You can register and pay online here. Students may register for free by sending an email to Bill Mueller at shooter@gate.net



Choosing to move his images to a more-painterly feel, Bob fuses many images together utilizing a single subject blended together with many textures from nature, decaying made-made items, and everyday items found through serendipity. The end result is an image that has depth and dimension and will often reveal different things to the viewer, no matter how many times it is seen. Bob originally designed this only for fine art application, but he has found ways to bring the technique over into his commercial business. This technique is applicable to almost every subject imaginable. Join Bob as he shares many of the ways to accomplish the look and enhance your images using a step-by-step process. Photoshop tips and tricks will be shown along with a resources guide to learn moreā€¦


Bob "specializes in not specializing," which allows him to come up with interesting new ways of photographing subjects. Combining the techniques of different types of photography and using the latest software and Photoshop techniques leads to new ways of capturing images. People who hire Bob Coates Photography, do it not just for the expertise, but for the experience brought to the job. One day, Bob may be shooting jewelry in the studio, the next day getting images for a brochure, and yet another standing in the middle of the desert waiting for the light to get "just so." "The changes in software and digital imaging continue to inspire me," Bob says.

You may find out more about Bob Coates, and see many more examples of his work on his web site at http://1-bob-coates.artistwebsites.com/ and http://successful-photographer.com


Sunday Workshop 


In addition to this one day seminar, Bob will be sticking around in Chattanooga to present an all-day Hands-on Sunday program on Fine Art Photo-Synthesis. For this "hands-on" Sunday event, bring your camera and laptop loaded with Photoshop. The day starts with a photo walk where Bob will share his thought process in gathering images for use in art projects including subject and the how and why behind the thinking for shooting your textures. After some photography we'll head to the classroom and take the images from the shoot and work on them together. The cost of this hands-on workshop is $49 and you can register and get more information by contacting Bob directly at bob@bcphotography.com or calling him at 928-284-0200.