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No theme – Photographer’s Choice
Entry date: 11/15/2017
Contest date: 12/21/2017

Annual Contest Rules

(revised 2/2013)

  1. The Annual competition is open to all members in good standing of the Photographic Society of Chattanooga. (Current dues have been paid – October begins the new year).
  2. Entries must be received by a member of the Contest Committee on or before the date of the November PSC meeting.
  3. Each person may have three (3) entries per category (Prints or Digital) with a maximum total of six (6) entries.
  4. If an image has won a first place in any PSC Annual Contest, it cannot be entered again in the Annual Contest.
  5. Each unique entry may only be entered one time (example: cannot enter same image in digital and again as a print, cannot enter the same image as a a color entry and again as a black and white).
  6. Each person may only enter at one (1) level of expertise (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced).
  7. Judging expertise levels and categories are as follows:
    • Beginner-has been photographing less than three (3) years and has never won a first place ribbon in an Annual Contest.
    • Intermediate-has been photographing at least three (3) years and has never won a first place ribbon in an Annual contest at the Intermdiate level.
    • Advanced-has been photographing at least three years and has won at least one first place ribbon in an Annual Contest at the Intermediate level (previously known at the Amateur level).

    You are encouraged to move up to your comfort level so that true Beginners are not competing with experienced photographers.

  8. Slide entries must meet the following criteria to be accepted for judging:
    • Must be converted to digital format and meet all the requirements set forth in “Digital entries.” Converted slides then must be submitted as Digital entries.
  9. The judges will award 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and Honorable Mention(s) in each category. The judges’ decision is final.
  10. All entries will be voted upon for People’s Choice Award to be tallied at the December banquet. There will be a People’s Choice Award for both categories; Digital and Print.
  11. Be prepared to provide a digital version of print entries at the request of the contest chair for display on the PSC website and newsletter. The contest committee will NOT be responsible for scanning images. The contest chair will contact you when s/he is ready to receive the digital version following the contest and provide instructions—please do NOT upload digital versions of print entries via this website.
  12. Please note that the PSC Board of Directors reserves the right to review the subject matter of all images before displaying to the general membership. Images containing graphic content or nudity will not be accepted.
  13. No names or markings may be visible on the front of the entry.
  14. All prints must be delivered in protective packaging like Clear Bags. Every effort will be made to handle entries with care but the PSC is not to be held responsible for damage or theft while prints are in the Committee’s possession. If you will not be able to pick up your entries at the December banquet, please make arrangements with another PSC member to pick up you entries.
  15. How to Label Your Prints: while no identifying information should appear on the front of your print, PLEASE place a small label on the back of each image that includes: Your Name, Image Title, your phone number, your email address, your level (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced).


Note: Chris at North Light Imaging Services, 3069 Broad Street #4, Chattanooga, TN  (423) 752-0095 will convert them to digital format for $2 per slide (subject to change) for club members.

    How to size your digital images
    Digital entries must meet the following criteria to be accepted for judging:
    • Horizontal images will be no more than 1920 pixels wide.
    • Vertical images will be no more than 1080 pixels tall.
    • Unless your image proportions are in the exact ratio of 4 to 3, one of these dimensions will be less than the maximum. The images will be projected as received, as long as not over the maximum.)
    • Smaller images are acceptable (but may not be advantageous).
    • Save the file in jpeg format to achieve a file no larger than 1500 KB / 1.5 MB.
    Reference source for sizing digital images
    How to submit your digital images
    • No markings may be visible on the front of the entry
    • You can submit up to 3 images in only one expertise level category (Advance, Amateur or Beginner).
    How to name and size your prints
    • No markings may be visible on the front of the entry. The participant’s name, phone number and category (A for Advanced, I for Intermediate and B for Beginner) must be noted on the back.
    • Print sizes cannot be any larger than 18” x 24” with mat and no smaller than 5” x 7” without mat.
    • All prints must be mounted on foam core or some hard material less than 1/4 inch thick. (Mats optional)
    How to submit your prints
    • All prints must be delivered to the contest chairperson on or before the November meeting. You can send an email to to make arrangements.
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