Photoshop Tips & Tricks

Photoshop Tips

  1. HDR Effect from a single photo-CS4 by Bob Edens
  2. Adding A Reflection To An Image-CS4 by Bill Mueller
  3. Changing the background color with adjustment layers-CS3 by Alana Price
  4. Using New Smart Collections to find your images Bridge CS4 by Dan Jeter
  5. White Balance By The Numbers-CS4 by Bill Mueller
  6. Compositing Images with Layer Masks-CS3by Alana Price
  7. Making a Simple Border for a Photo-CS3 by Pat Gordy
  8. One way to “fix” a double chin -CS4 by Bob Edens
  9. Changing a photo to a sketch-CS4 by Judy Stone
  10. Using Color Range to create a mask-CS4 by Dan Jeter
  11. Making Rain -CS4 by Bob Edens
  12. Make a Splat -CS4 by Bob Edens
  13. Creating Rainy Reflections -CS4 by Bob Edens
  14. 3 Ways to Replace a White Sky -CS4 by Judy Stone
  15. Creating Animated Gif’s -CS4 by Dan Jeter
  16. Straightening Horizons Using Bridge  or Photoshop Ruler Tool- CS4 by Dan Jeter
  17. Straightening Horizons Using Bridge  or Photoshop Ruler Tool- CS4 by Dan Jeter
  18. Installing and Running Scripts in Photoshop and Bridge  by Dan Jeter
  19. How to install and run Photoshop Actions by Dan Jeter
  20. Cloud Color Cast by Bill Muller
  21. Liquify Smile by Bob Edens
  22. Keysstone Correction by Milton McLain
  23. Bubble Effect by Milton McLain
  24. Create a Ghost by Bob Edens
  25. Adding Bursts to Your Fireworks Images by Bill Mueller
  26. Vanishing Point by Alana Price
  27. Faux Fisheye by Bill Muller
  28. How to Mirror Images by Dan Jeter
  29. Blending Using the Displacement Filter by Bob Edens and Alana Price
  30. Magic Picture Within A Picture- CS5 by Mary Nell
  31. NewEyes by Bob Edens
  32. Copyright Stamp by Dan Jeter
  33. Display the Same Image in Two Windows by Dan Jeter
  34. Vintage Polaroid Frame by Judy Stone
  35. Pop-Art Portrait (coloring a black and white image) by Bob Edens
  36. Silhouettes or how to make a mud flap girl by Bob Edens
  37. Using blend modes to replace sky by Judy Stone
  38. Eye Adjustment by Judy Stone
  39. Easiest way to add canvas size by Judy Stone

Photoshop Elements Tips

  1. How to resize images in Photoshop Elements for PSC and most PSA Contests by Rosemary Williams.
  2. Magic Picture Within A Picture  (Elements 7) Mary Nell

Lightroom Tips

  1. Lightroom Resize Preset by Bill Mueller

Picasa Tips

  1. Resizing your images for contests using Picasa by Bill Mueller

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