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Youth Photography Showcase 2021

The 2021 Youth Photography Showcase (YPS), which is sponsored by the Photographic Society of Chattanooga ended on March 1.  High school students from 13 schools entered the contest this year. There were 58 students who submitted 256 images in this annual event.

Schools represented were: Baylor; Boyd Buchanan; Bradley Central High School; Chattanooga Christian
School; Chattanooga High School Center for Creative Arts; Grace Baptist Academy; Hamilton County
Collegiate High School; Hilger Higher Learning; Home School; Notre Dame; Silverdale Baptist Academy;
Stem School Chattanooga; and Walker Valley High School.

This marked the 15th year for YPS in Chattanooga, but it was the first year with no prints – only digital
entries. That was because of COVID-19. Therefore, there was only one “Best of Show” award, and that
went to Vraj Patel from Hamilton County Collegiate High School for his “Citrus Splash” entered in the
Color Choice Category.

“Citrus Splash”
by Vraj Patel

There were First, Second, Third, and Honorable Mentions in all six categories, but the “Best of Show” garnered the highest cumulative score from the three judges. Judges were: Kathleen Greeson, Braam Oberholster, and Mickey Rountree.

Some images from this local contest are forwarded to the Photographic Society of America to compete with students from around the world. Last year, several placed or had images accepted to the PSA YPS Exhibit at its annual conference, but one local winner took “Best of Show” at PSA.

This year’s winning images, as well as winners from some past YPS contests, may be viewed below.

If you have questions, please email Pat Gordy at

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