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Youth Photography Showcase 2023

Photographic Society of Chattanooga

The goal of the Youth Photography Showcase is to get high school students
involved in photography by highlighting outstanding photographs from high school-
age students in public, private, and home schools as well as in youth groups. This is
an excellent opportunity for students to share their work across all boundaries and
receive recognition for their efforts.

The local Youth Photography Showcase began in 2006, and it is affiliated with the
Photographic Society of America (PSA). Entries from the Chattanooga YPS are sent
to PSA for its contest, which can include entries from photo clubs from across the

The Youth Photography Showcase is open to all students worldwide, ages 14
through 18, who are attending high school or its equivalent. As a sponsoring PSA
group, the Photographic Society of Chattanooga invites entries only from Tennessee
and North Georgia. There is no fee to participate in Youth Photography Showcase.  

Submission Details

YPS 2023 Entry Rules, Entry Forms, and Model Releases may be found here

Definitions of Categories for the 2023 Youth Photography Showcase may be found here

Please email Pat Cordy and Gary Conner at if you have questions or if other arrangements are necessary.

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